Mr. BLOCK is a safety device for rolling window and small door shutters which, besides blocking the shutter in case of motor mechanical breakings when lowering it, acts also as lateral support and it has to be installed always on the opposite side of the motor.

Mr. BLOCK is designed to be installed integrally with any box both on the right and left side for a IP67 protection level watertight.


Mr. BLOCK needs no maintainance thanks to its IP67 protection degree and materials and component parts accurately chosen for its purpose.


For the correct installing of Mr. BLOCK follow these simple indications:

  • When installing, always place the cable output upward and the arrow must always be turned towards the shutter descent.
  • Tighten the safety brake to the box side or to any other side (according to the manufacture of the shutter) with the four M6 screws checking for the safety brake squareness.
  • When inserting the tube connection in the safety brake socket make sure that this operation is carried out without forcing and avoiding strokes to allow the system correct functioning.
  • Connect the microswitch in series with the main pole of the gear motor control.
  • Check for the motor moment is always lower than the nominal moment of the safety brake.
  • if the square adapter 18/13 is needed, insert it from the pipe coiler side.


The Mr. BLOCK device can be re-activated, after being operated, when the circuit is disconneted, without having to take it away from its working position and without having to loosen screws. It is possible to use the same adapter. Once released from the winding tube of the frame, insert the adapter into the hole of the parachute and turn slowly into the up position first, then into the down position (STEP1) to check that there are no impediments in the rotation. If the test is positive Mr. Block can be restored, otherwise it must be replaced.


With the adapter inserted into the hole of the parachute (STEP 2) and a 18mm spanner turning into the up position, accelerate until the system comes to a stop.Continue to rotate until the system clicks into place (the circuit is On). If the recovery mode does not work please extend the spanner with a tube. Once having restored the device please check by turning slowly, that there are no impediments in the two directions of rotation (STEP 1). With these simple and quick operations, the antifall device Mr. BLOCK is ready for use again.

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