Mr. BLOCK is absolutely the most secure lock existing on the market today.
The installation makes the shutters motorized damper ò complies with EN12605.

According to the European regulation UNI EN 12605, an anti-fall device (safety brake), blocking the freefall of the shutter within max 30 cm, has to be installed on the rollers without counter- weighting springs. Commercially available devices, designed using the principles of the centrifugal force and friction on mobile parts inside the device, generate a violent block when they activate, causing deformations in the rolling system that can put at risk its correct functioning.

The company LNR SRL designed and realized an anti-fall system which, even if it is based on the same principles, produces a softer stopping of the roller avoiding in this way to damage it. What is new and subject of the patent, is the introduction of deforming elements inside the device allowing a gradual distribution of the energy.

Testing by the TUV-SUD certification Authority of Stuttgart (rule of reference: EN 13241-1) confirmed the validity of its design, discovering that the product technical performances are above the standards on the market now.

LNR SRL safety brake, thanks to a clever and original designing, obtained the certification for IP67 protection level by the Istituto Giordano, which allows the usage of the safety brake also in dump and dusty areas. Furthermore, the construction system and the materials used comply with the European regulations for the CE mark.






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